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Hi there! I am Meisha Pigford, the Marriage Planner and WOW Expert of Dream Celebrations, Inc. One thing to be certain of is, you are in the right place. We specialize in creating those “wow” moments from the consultation up to the end of your wedding night and beyond. I created this company for brides like you or maybe I should say, for brides like me. See, as a bride-to-be myself in 2009, I was very ambitious, had a type A personality, knew exactly what I wanted and I demanded professionalism and attention to detail. I needed someone who had a backbone to push back, yet a calm spirit that was approachable. I must admit, that combination was hard to find. I also needed someone who had a spiritual connection because I was dealing with something on the inside that could have potentially destroyed my marriage and I didn’t even realize it…. The battle of daddy-daughter issues. 

Well, over the years, I have been able to create an amazing team who comprises all of those traits and characteristics! Not only do we provide traditional resources, support, and help to plan and design your wedding, we also provide a list of top resources and professionals to place you in the best position to build a strong foundation for your marriage.

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We’re a different kind of wedding planner, with a holistic approach...

Dream Celebrations, Inc. believes in planning for a lifetime. Too many couples get caught up in planning for their one wedding day, but we are concerned about the days after. We also assist women in walking the path of healing from their daddy-daughter issues.


It’s obvious we have a heart for marriage and it may seem like weddings are all that we do…. However, we also decorate Milestone Birthday Parties, Sweet 16s, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Vow Renewals, Prom Send-Offs, Funeral Repasses, Graduations and other celebrations. 

Our Philosophy is to Help You Prepare for the

“Day Of” AND the “Day After”





Showers &



They went ABOVE and BEYOND our expectations!

“Dream Celebrations was awesome! We had them do the décor among other things and they nailed it. We gave them our ideas and they went above and beyond our expectations, adding a “pop” that kept the compliments coming from our guests. We received many compliments about various aspects of the wedding from coordination to décor! We were very pleased! I owe it all to them for pulling my ideas together for me! Thanks to them, our wedding was a success and I would definitely recommend Dream Celebrations to anyone planning ANY event!”

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