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Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! We offer payment plans and we have also partnered with Promise Financial to offer financing. Ask us about these options during your complimentary consultation.


Will I lose control of my wedding if I hand it over to you?

Oh no! What you will lose is the extra stress. You have complete say over your wedding. We spend a lot of time getting to know you and your vision, so you feel confident that we can make your dreams a reality. We also have an online planning portal, so you can stay up to speed throughout the process.


My wedding venue has a coordinator; do I really need to hire a wedding planner?

Your venue coordinator is in charge of everything that happens at your venue. Your venue coordinator will not help you plan your wedding beyond that. So, you can count on him or her to make sure the space is ready for you and to, maybe, offer their preferred vendor referrals, but apart from that the planning is up to you if you don’t hire a wedding planner.


Do I need the full-service package or will I be fine with a smaller package?

Whether you need the full-service package or a smaller package depends on the type of bride you are, how busy you are, and what your dreams are for your wedding. We can help you figure this out during your complimentary consultation.

Many brides don’t realize just how much goes into planning a wedding. Our full-service package makes sure that from start to finish you truly get to enjoy this once in a lifetime moment, including your engagement time.


Is it a requirement to access the “Marriage-Ready” Couples’ Toolkit?

You are required to take the assessment. It is not a pass or fail test and it does not give recommendations for whether or not the couple should get married. The assessment is a tool that shows what your strengths and growth areas are as a couple. This assessment has been around for over 30 years and has been administered to thousands of couples. If you have gone through pre-marital counseling, just show us proof and we can remove that from your package.

Still have more questions? Download our wedding collection guide to read our full list of FAQS OR—BETTER YET—reach out to us to book an initial consultation. 

I want to check the availability of my wedding date!

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