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Fresh Florals

There’s flowers…. And then there’s Luxury Blooms. Our florals aren’t the typical arrangements you tend to see at events. You know the ones I’m referring to, the big hydrangea balls with a few roses? Don’t get me wrong, those are nice and are pretty common because they are inexpensive and accessible… and there is a market and client base for those. However, if you are looking for something unique combined with breathtaking, then keep reading! 


At Dream Celebrations, we like to push the limits and deliver a floral design that is surely a statement piece that WOWs. Our signature design tends to have an average of 100 - 120 stems in each tall arrangement. We cannot WAIT to create magic with our luxury blooms at your upcoming event! Our floral collection starts at $5000. We specialize in ceremony florals (altar, arch, pillars), reception florals (centerpieces, head table, stage decor), and personals (bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres). At your request, we can also create grand installations such as a 10ft tall floral truss or ceiling design.  


When it comes to florals, Meisha designs with a passion and straight from the heart. Take 90 seconds below to see some behind-the-scene clips of what gives Meisha so much joy and what truly sets us apart as the #1 producer of luxury blooms in the Metro Detroit Area! (The videos below have sound.) We don’t outsource our flowers, we do them right in-house. We are your one-stop-shop!

Silk Florals

If fresh florals are not your thing because you may be allergic, don’t want to smell their fragrance, or simply don’t value splurging on luxury blooms then you may be impressed with our premium silks! They still give the look and vibe of fresh florals. Everything we do with fresh florals can be done with silk florals from your ceremony and reception design as well as your personals. We also have expertise in mixing fresh with silks to ensure we stay within your financial comfort zone. Our only goal is to WOW you and your guests. Adding florals to the atmosphere will definitely entice and elevate the overall wedding experience for everyone present!


I know you may be wondering if what I’m saying is true so I prepared a quick video for you to see some silk florals in action at a few of our previous events. Keep in mind silk florals come standard in our decor collections. 

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