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Our Services

Here at Dream Celebrations, Inc. we are the home of where WOW happens. We take pride in creating an atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy what really matters: each other. No need of having the stress of planning or designing an event. We have professional experts on our team who will listen to your vision and execute every detail flawlessly. We are best known for elevating our clients’ visions and when their room is revealed for the very first time, them and their guests say WOW!

We offer (3) services: Planning/Coordinating, Design/Décor and Education. Each service is offered individually because we understand not everyone has the same needs. This way, you only pay for what you truly need. Each person joins our business at different points of their planning journey. Whether you are someone who is starting at the beginning and all you have is a date or if you are someone who planned everything and now you need some to execute the day, we got you covered and everyone else whose need is in-between!

We are an award-winning company who has been featured on ABC. Our team has certified planners and designers. Events are what we do!  But we want to make sure you feel comfortable as well. The best next step after looking over packages would be to book a consultation. Fair warning: there is a consultation fee, however it will be applied to your deposit once you book. Our team is very busy with creating events of excellence, therefore we only speak with those who are very serious about taking the next step. You can click here to book your consultation.

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