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Your one stop shop for everything WEDDINGS! I’d say 60% of our business comes from weddings. We have been serving couples since 2014. We LOVE love and do not care who it is that you love, all couples are welcome here. 


As a WOW Expert, we specialize in creating “WOW” moments from the consultation up to the end of your wedding night and beyond.  I created this company for brides like you or maybe I should say, for brides like me. See, as a bride-to-be myself in 2009, I was very ambitious, had a type A personality, knew exactly what I wanted and I demanded professionalism and attention to detail. I needed someone who had a backbone to push back, yet a calm spirit that was approachable. I must admit, that combination was hard to find.

Well, over the years, I have been able to create an amazing team who comprises all of those traits and characteristics! Not only do we provide traditional resources, support, and help to plan and design your wedding, we also provide a list of top resources and professionals to place you in the best position to build a strong foundation for your marriage.


We love creating custom packages for our clients because we don’t like “cookie cutter”. Your wedding should be a reflection of you. Custom decor packages tend to range between $20k - $35k for venue transformation delivering your ceremony and reception vision. However, we do offer standard decor collections which have a minimum spend of $10K for 100 guests or less. Additional fees do apply to accommodate larger guest counts, design fee, service fee & installation/teardown fee.

Click on the icons below to request more information about each service and we will send you our starting rates and collection details right away. We will also send you a list of local venues that lists banquet halls, outdoor venues, and places where you can bring your own food:


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Do you have most of the planning done and now you just need someone to make sure everything is executed according to your vision? Or maybe you are just about finished and need someone to tie it together and help you create and manage the timeline. This coordination collection is for you!

Recently engaged? Not sure where to start? Or maybe you are just too busy to do research and plan everything alone. Plus you’re afraid you may miss something. We can partner with you and help you plan your perfect day. We will even show up on your wedding day to make sure it runs smoothly. This planning collection is for you!

If your wedding design does not cause you to walk in the room and say WOW, then just throw the whole wedding away!! If you are looking for something that reflects your personality, makes your heart melt and will be the hot topic of your guests’ conversations… then our decor collection is for you! We also create luxurious florals that are a guaranteed statement piece for any room!

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I know it can be so hard to trust which wedding planner or designer you should choose. We have been doing weddings since 2014 and have been part of over 100 weddings. Our clients trust us and are glad they made the decision to book with us. Here are 20 past couples who had nothing but positive words to say about their experience with us. We love them all dearly!

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We did not have to lift a finger

because our coordinator was always

a step ahead!


We’re a different kind of wedding planner, with a holistic approach...

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Ready to book your consultation?! Are you serious about booking a professional wedding planner or designer? If so…. We cannot wait to speak with you! First, fill out the questionnaire and then you will be redirected to our call booking page. Take a listen to the video, then go ahead and schedule a time that works best for you. 


If you book a service within (3) days of receiving your proposal, then the consultation fee will be applied to your balance. After booking, be sure to check your email and spam, as we will send you a confirmation email with our inquiry document, starting rates, and venue guide that has more information that will be helpful to know before our session.

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